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Piano Tuition
Learn to play like
Elton John, Billy Joel, Ben Folds, Coldplay, Bruce Hornsby etc.

While many tutors teach piano only, Stephen specialises in students who have some piano ability and want to expand on it.

Contemporary music, whether pop, rock, country or swing, is built on a knowledge of chords and chord substitution.

Once you begin to grasp the fascinating matrix of chords, you'll soon begin to discover the possibilities...

Beginners are welcome!
Major, minor, diminished and augmented chords. They are used everday in those sweet ballads and funky hiphop songs. The basics haven't changed in a hundred years, just the interpretation.

With an understanding of the building blocks of chords, you'll see how close Eminem is to Cole Porter, how rock'n'roll, blues, country and pop are simply stylistic derivations of the same basic chord changes which have driven and will continue to drive popular songs for a long, long time.

Find out for yourself and find out so much more through Stephen's teaching method.
  • Having performed professionally as a pianist, singer, guitarist and songwriter for over 20 years, Stephen has a wealth of knowledge, not only of the finer points of the instrument and music styles, but also how to apply this knowledge in the real world of the Australian music scene.

  • Bring along the song you've always wanted to learn. We'll work it out, learn to play it, meanwhile learning some other valuable musical lessons on the way.

  • Have you ever sat down with a piece of music, played the chords and wondered why it doesn't sound like the original? Maybe it has to do with the inversions of the chords you are using.

  • How about those added stylistic sounds which feature say in a country song, or an old rocker? These are the gems of information which allow you to really improve your playing ability, knowledge of thory and practice.

  • Want to know more? Email Stephen now, making sure you fill out your email address to be sure of a reply.

  • Wait a minute? You're wondering what that keyboard is in the pictures with students above. A keyboard? Not a piano?

    Stephen teaches on a Yamaha S90, which is a full-length and fully weighted keyboard, almost indistinguishable from the action of a grand piano.

    The added advantage is that, should you wish to learn a particular piece which uses a sound other than the traditional piano sound, the S90 has a great deal of rich attractive and eclectic sounds from which to choose. Useful.
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