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Roxanne Kiely has many students already successful and high profile stars in the Australian entertainment industry.

Yes, Roxanne is Stephen's talented and beautiful partner who works and writes with him under the name Prodigal Twins. They also perform together as Cover Me. Teaching under her maiden name, Roxanne Paladin, she took classes at the Australian College of Entertainment (ACE). Her student classes included up-and-coming stars Amity Dry, Sarah Blasko and Natalie Basingsthwaite.
Many of her former pupils are now making their names in a variety of areas within the Australian music industry.

Her personal students have included Adam Saunders and Bec Cartwright, as well as Delta Goodrem, who, even now remains true to her exercise regime and liases with Roxanne to help keep her voice in tip-top condition.

Roxanne helps develop each student's potential, with technique, breathing, stance, projection and attitude.
Her students swear by her ability to discover their best, and worst points, and come up with a plan to allow the singer to find their full potential
She has taken student classes ranging in size from "one-on-one" to groups of forty or more.

Roxanne currently has a very full schedule of students, but always tries to find room for those who are determined to do the best they can with the talent they have.


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